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Institutional affiliations are for identification purposes only. This list does not include UIPO members who opted out of sharing their personal information publicly.

Jody Bailey, Emory University Libraries
Terri Bell, University of North Georgia Libraries
Sara Benson, University of Illinois
Laura Bernhardt, University of Southern Indiana
Josh Bolick, University of Kansas
Rachel Bridgewater, Portland Community College
Laura Burtle, Georgia State University
Brandon Butler, University of Virginia Library
Dwayne K. Buttler, University of Louisville
Lauren Byl, University of Waterloo
Jeffrey Carroll, Rutgers University
Heidi Chewning, Brigham Young University Copyright Licensing Office
Perry Collins, University of Florida
Julie M. Conner, University of California, Berkeley
Kyle K. Courtney, Harvard University
Greg Cram, The New York Public Library
Kenneth Crews, Gipson Hoffman & Pancione
Will Cross, North Carolina State University
Allison DeVito, Ohio State University Libraries
Joshua Dickison, University of New Brunswick
Kate Dickson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Amy Vanderlyke Dygert, Cornell University Library
Will Edmiston, The New School Libraries & Archives
Joan M. Emmet, Yale University Library
Sandra Aya Enimil, Yale University Library
Ana Enriquez, Pennsylvania State University
Maryam Fakouri, University of Washington Seattle
Sharon E. Farb, UCLA
Donna L. Ferullo, Purdue University
Emily G. Finch, Kansas State University
Ellen Finnie, University of California / California Digital Library
Katie Fortney, California Digital Library
Christine Fruin, Atla
Agnes Gambill, Appalachian State University
Sue Gardner, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Deborah R. Gerhardt, University of North Carolina
Anne Gilliland, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Robert (Bobby) Glushko, Western University
Mandi Goodsett, Cleveland State University
Maria Gould, California Digital Library, University of California Office of the President
Karen Grondin, Arizona State University
Liz Hamilton, Northwestern University Libraries; Northwestern University Press
Kiowa Hammons, The New York Public Library
Dave Hansen, Duke University Libraries
Georgia Harper, University of Texas Libraries
April M. Hathcock, New York University Libraries
Kevin S. Hawkins, University of North Texas Libraries
Peter Hirtle, Harvard University
Molly Keener, Wake Forest University
Katherine Klosek, Association of Research Libraries (ARL)
Alexandra Kohn, McGill University Library
Mark Konecny, University of Cincinnati Libraries
Matthew Kopel, Cornell University
Melanie Kowalski, Center for Research Libraries
Cindy Kristof, Kent State University Library
Michael Ladisch, UC Davis, Library
Michael Lange, University of California, Berkeley
Raven Lanier, University of Michigan Center for Academic Innovation
Yuan Li, Princeton University
Elsa Loftis, Portland State University
Colleen Lyon, University of Texas at Austin
Lisa Macklin, Emory University Libraries
Shawn Martin, Dartmouth College
Paige Morgan, University of Delaware Libraries, Museums & Press
Carla Myers, Miami University
Hope O’Keeffe, Library of Congress*
Meg Oakley, Georgetown University Library
Darcee Olson, Louisiana State University
Stephanie Orfano, University of Toronto Libraries
Nazareth (Naz) Pantaloni III, Indiana University Libraries
Rina Elster Pantalony, Columbia University Libraries
Anali Maughan Perry, Arizona State University
Ellen Phillips, Southern New Hampshire University
Mike Priehs, Cornell University
Laura Quilter, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Charlotte Roh, University of San Francisco
Judy Ruttenberg, Association of Research Libraries
Rachael Samberg, University of California, Berkeley
Mariann Samuel, University of Georgia Libraries
Maria Scheid, Ohio State University Libraries
LeEtta Schmidt, University of South Florida
Teresa Schultz, University of Nevada, Reno
Adrian Sheppard, University of Alberta
Elisabeth Shook, Boise State University
Nancy Sims, University of Minnesota Libraries
Graeme Slaght, University of Toronto
Kevin L. Smith, University of Kansas Libraries
Melissa Smith Levine, University of Michigan Library
Stephen Spong, Western University
Cami Stephenson, Brigham Young University
Claire Stewart, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Martha Stuit, University of California, Santa Cruz
Mark Swartz, Queen’s University
Khaleedah Thomas, Colorado State University
Becky Thoms, Utah State University
Stephanie Towery, Texas State University
Timothy Vollmer, University of California, Berkeley
Amanda Wakaruk, University of Alberta
Sarah Wipperman, Villanova University
Nate Wise, Brigham Young University Idaho
Stephen Wolfson, University of Georgia School of Law
Micah Zeller, Washington University in St. Louis
Katie Zimmerman, MIT Libraries

*Hope O’Keeffe does not participate in advocacy involving the United States government.

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