UIPO has four standing committees. Institutional affiliations are for identification purposes only.

  • Steering Committee
    • Molly Keener (Chair), Wake Forest University
    • Ana Enriquez (Immediate Past Chair), Pennsylvania State University
    • Rachel Bridgewater, Portland Community College
    • Maryam Fakouri, University of Washington
    • April Hathcock, New York University
    • Katherine Klosek, Association of Research Libraries
    • Melanie Kowalski, Emory University
    • Carla Myers, Miami University
    • Hope O’Keeffe, Library of Congress*
    • Darcée Olson, Louisiana State University
    • Katie Zimmerman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Membership Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Advocacy and Public Policy Committee

*Hope O’Keeffe does not participate in advocacy involving the United States government.

Contact Us

Use the form below to contact the UIPO Steering Committee Chair and Chair-Elect. To apply for membership in UIPO, please use the application on the Join page.

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