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UIPO has four standing committees. Institutional affiliations are for identification purposes only.

Steering Committee

Molly Keener (Chair), Wake Forest University
Maryam Fakouri (Chair-Elect), University of Washington
Matthew Kopel (Treasurer), Cornell University
Rachel Bridgewater, Portland Community College
Kate Dickson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
April Hathcock, New York University
Melanie Kowalski, Center for Research Libraries
Lisa Macklin, Emory University
Carla Myers, Miami University
Hope O’Keeffe, Library of Congress*
Darcee Olson, Santa Clara University
Katie Zimmerman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Advocacy & Public Policy Committee

Raven Lanier (Chair), University of Michigan
Brandon Butler, University of Virginia
Will Cross, North Carolina State University
Kiowa Hammons, New York Public Library
Katie Zimmerman (Steering Committee representative), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Events Committee

Liz Hamilton (Chair), Northwestern University
Carla Myers (Steering Committee representative), Miami University
Ellen Phillips, Southern New Hampshire University
Nancy Sims, University of Minnesota

Membership Committee

Nate Wise (Chair), Brigham Young University Idaho
Jody Bailey, Emory University
Laura Burtle, Georgia State University
Colleen Lyon, University of Texas at Austin
Hope O’Keeffe (Steering Committee representative), Library of Congress*

*Hope O’Keeffe does not participate in advocacy involving the United States government.

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